10 Amazing Places in Africa You Did not Know…

           Situated right on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, Africa is the world’s second largest and second densely-populated continent. It is the home of abundant cultures and ethnicities and possesses over 3000 native languages. Africa has a long history: it is considered the oldest inhabited continent on Earth, the first human beings originated there as mentioned in some ancient writings. Many of the world’s ancient treasures were found there. So, this continent is like a magnet for adventurous tourists and those who wish to feel the ancient smell of the ancient world. Every year thousands of tourists visit Africa with the desire to capture new feelings and emotions. This article is to serve as a guide in order to unveil some hidden and amazing places in Africa:

  1. Namib Dunes

This amazing place is located on the coastal dessert in Southern Africa. The word is translated as “vast place”. With no population and special touristic attractions, this place catches your eye immediately, and you wish you were there to feel on another planet. The mild blue color of the sea mixed with orange and red of the sand will cherish your eye in such a way you will feel like in “Star Wars” film.

2. Pelican Point and Sandwich Harbor

The pretty Peninsula lies near Walvis Bay in Namibia. If you are interested in experiencing wild nature near the coast, watching wild and extraordinary animals, like flamingos, pelicans, seals and dolphins in their natural habitat be headed there. You will be able to interact with marine life sharing the experience of watching playful dolphins and friendly seals. This amazing experience will not be repeated anywhere in the world.

3. Grand Basin

If you are able to pull yourself away from dreamy beaches in Seychelles and Mauritius, then you will get to Grand Basin and you will find yourself in a real paradise with history. It used to be an old active volcano, now it is a mountain lake that is the most sacred Hindu place on the island. Here you will find a temple dedicated to “Lord Shiva” and a statue of his. You will find peace and harmony in this place, your soul and your body will get rid of bad thoughts and you will ponder over the real values of life here.

4. Ponta do Ouro

An awesome place for lovers is situated on the southernmost stretches of Mozambique and is considered one of the best tourist attractions on the African continent. Before visiting this place one should make a giant list of “to do”-s there: open-air markets and shops, fishing, diving, watching dolphins and turtles, sunbathing, swimming will keep you busy all day long. After such a full day rest yourself in one of many charming restaurants in the town.

5. Hole in the Wall

Another destination for romantic couples is this incredible place. This unique landmark is located south of Coffee Bay in the Eastern Cape. This rocky archway is very near the coast and according to geologists, it was created millions of years ago by the relentless waves, though the local Xhosa maiden legend tells a more interesting mystic version of its creation. Real nature lovers cherish the hope to visit this place at least once in their lives, let alone the fact that this is one of the most visited places for people on their honeymoon.

6. Cango Caves

A fearful, light-hearted traveler? This place is not meant for you. This cave is located in South Africa near Swartberg Mountains in the Cango valley. You can not wander in this subterranean world without the company of experienced caving guides. Some of the limestone formations in the cave date back to more than 4500 million years ago. The whole caving system is about 4 kms long, but only a quarter of it is open to brave tourists. This incredible place is declared as a national heritage of Africa. Hence, if you dare to visit this place, you will acquire great experience and a memory for a whole life.

7. Augrabies Falls National Park

This wonderful place is located in the Northern Cape: like a place in the Heavens. The word “augrabies” is literally translated as “great noise”. This stark translation is understood as soon as you find yourself in the noise of great falls tumbling down eroding granite formations, but this noise will not keep you away from wandering along various trails to the most scenic spots ever met, like Moon Rock. But this place doesn’t get the attention it deserves. The reason lies in the fact that when the Orange River is not in its full flood, this waterfall is not as beautiful and stunning. So, before visiting there find out the perfect period to admire its beauty.

8. Lekgalameetse Resort

This amazing forest forms a part of Drakensberg mountain and possesses incomparable natural beauty. People who wish to experience wild natural charm are headed towards this place as they discover magical rock pools, waterfalls, rare butterflies, colorful birds, various types of monkeys here. One can take a tour inside this forest and will never regret for it, even exploring this place on foot is not a tiring experience. This wildlife and nature will fill you with unforgettable emotions.

9. Sossusvlei

This incredible place in Namibia is a wonderful landscape of dry and orange-colored nature: the one you are to see in films. The word is literally translated as “dead-end marsh” which is quickly captured as you find yourself there. This region consists of dry lake, claypan, orange and red sand reaching up to 1300 feet in height. The mind-blowing vision of this red and white sands contrasting with each other compliments your eyes especially in rainy seasons, when the pan is filled with rain as the Tsauchab river floods, making visitors from all over the world to rush here and witness the scene.

10. Victoria Falls

Our list wouldn’t be complete without the famous Victoria Falls first found in 1855 by a traveler, who described it as “the smoke that thunders”. It is the one of the world’s majestic water sights situated in the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. Each year thousands of visitors come to enjoy the spray from 108- meter high cascade. Victoria Falls is known as the greatest curtain of falling water in the world. The amazing view of the falls will take your breath away and you will feel like in a miracle, facing not real scene.

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