Dating? Here are some ideas for you

Whether you are married for 30 years or it’s your first date you worry. Don’t be afraid that’s normal to worry before going on a date. Let me firstly explain why it’s normal to worry: you go on a date with someone you like, want to impress, you want to look your best that day. You spend a whole day at shops seeking for a perfect piece of cloth for you and don’t find, as your mind is vague about what you want. I would like to help you with some ideas about how and where can you organize your date. 

So, if you are fun-lover then I can suggest going camping or fishing together, if it’s your first time. Imagine two people trying to put up a tent for the first time or trying to seize the fish. It will be funny, believe me. If you plan something romantic, then you can try driving long roads together. This experience, especially at nights, will leave you speechless. You can also try romantic massage, which is also a rewarding experience. If your date is in winter try going hiking together and spending nights in tents round a hot bottle of coffee and telling each other horror stories. And in case you are short of money go jogging together, volunteer together or learn something new for both of you. 

In any case remember that dating is good, it releases stress and gives you both a new chance to explore the world together in a new way. Never say ”we are married for … years, we don’t need it or it’s ridiculous why married people go dating with each other” No, my dear, it’s not ridiculous, as they trigger interest in each other and always experience new things together and they will never get bored from each other. So, go ahead and date your partner or husband or be open for a new relationship…

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