Laugh and The World Around You Will Change

Have you ever thought what the laugh is? Why do people laugh? What does it refer? How is it generated on the whole? Strange questions right? These questions do not require any actual answer as the answers are deep within you. People laugh for various reasons: someone told a joke, one of your friends accidentally fell down, your nephew started singing with his horrible voice, your neighbour’s dog ate your ice-cream… And more than thousands of reasons why one can laugh.

  Now we live in a world where everything is explained by scientists and every small thing is strongly based on any argument. But still there are extraordinary and non-explainable things that are perceived differently by all. Well, laughing is healthy: it makes your brain work better and more effective. Laughing is supportive: when you laugh you don’t only amuse yourself but also others around you, as sometimes the way people laugh triggers others to laugh. Finally, laughing is good: it fills your day with bright emotions, beautiful moments that are remembered for a long time. And yes, it is proven by scientists that if you laugh you remember that moment more clearly. In the end when you laugh you make others smile, and you understand you live in a better world. Well, it’s easy to complain and demand to live this or that way, but start changing the world with your smile and laugh. Positive emotions will surround you and you will become like a magnet for positive people and positive events. So, never underestimate your smile, it can change the world.

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