Phobias-your unconscious fear

You are afraid of spiders, though you realize that they will not harm you in any way. No, you are still terrified when you meet this small insect. Congratulations) unfortunately you have a phobia-‘arachnophobia’. A phobia is a type of disorder that causes an individual to experience extreme fear about an object, place or situation. They are mental disorders that are rarely healed till the end and people are not able to control their fears. Treatments are limited to therapies and also medical means.

According to the latest statistics almost all people have some type of phobias, which sometimes they don’t even realize. Here, easily find out whether you have one or not. Symptoms of any kind of phobia are guided by pins, chest pains, uncontrollable anxiety, unfunctionality, trembling and heavy perspiration. Remember the above-mentioned ‘arachnophobia’ ? I have this phobia and I experience unbearable feelings when I see a spider. I tremble, I start breathing heavy and feel pain in my chest, I cannot do anything, even move. Actually I know that this small animal will do me no
harm, but this subconcsious fear controls me. In the end, here is a shortlist of some strange phobias:
 Phronemophobia – fear of thinking
 Chromophobia– fear of colors
 Emetophobia – fear of vomiting
 Hypochondria – fear of becoming ill
 Spectrophobia – fear of mirrors
 Linonophobia – fear of strings
 Ablutophobia – fear of cleaning, taking a bath

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