Welcome to Italy: Facts you didn’t know

Italy is one of the ancient countries of the world. It possesses such breathtaking places that will blow your mind. Now I want to highlight some interesting facts about this country that you didn’t know

  • Rome is considered to be an “eternal city” as ancient Romans believed this city to live forever.
  • The tricolor flag design of the Italian flag was inspired by France, when Napoleon’s army entered Northern Italy.
  • The largest Baroque fountain in Rome is the Trevi Fountain. The legend says that if you throw a coin into it’s waters, you will certainly be back to Rome.
  • Famous pasta was first introduced to Italy when the Arabs invaded Sicily in the 8th century. The Alfredo pasta is also not Italian, it’s an American dish.
  • Pizza gained popularity in Italy first among peasants at 16th century.
  • The world’s oldest bank- Banca dei Paschi was founded in Siena.
  • The only active volcano in Europe- Mount Vesuvius is one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world, that erased the city of Pompeii in 79 A.D.

In continuation I post some pictures of the perfect country- just watch and admire

Piazza San Pietro
Trevy Fountain

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