Fascinating Italian cuisine

Ahhh, Italian dishes will make you feel total hunger at any time of the day. According to some sources, Italian cuisine rates the first among the world’s best cuisines. Italy surely possesses some great food that you will try nowhere in the world. Let’s cover some of them…

Almost iconic symbols of Italy- pasta and pizza. One shouldn’t miss the opportunity to try traditional and authentic dishes of Italy. If you are in Rome you can order Spaghetti alla carbonara or alla gricia. As for pizza, the best choice is Margherita, simple but tasty. You can also try arancini- a dish stuffed with rice balls.


Lasagne is a wonderful Italian dish that is today cooked all over the world. It is baked with sheets of lasagne pasta layered with cheese, ground meat, vegetables and different varieties of sauces.


And time for dessert. Let’s try torrone: this creamy dessert is made with honey, eggs, toasted nuts and citrus zest.

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