The Colorful Aspect of Your Brain

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I always wondered why this or that person likes this special color and dislikes another. I found out that there is a deep philosophy within: each color possesses a meaning and speaks itself about the person that relates to that color. They can affect our emotions and mood. You will be taken aback by the influence colors have on you. Have you ever thought how a yellow room affects you or does a green color calms you down? Of course each color possesses a special meaning, but they can mean a different thing to different people depending on their past, culture or other factors. Let’s explore the meanings that some colors express and after this article try to find YOUR color…

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Red is a very strong color. This noticeable color evokes lust, passion. And not surprisingly this color is often used on flags to show strength and pride. This is a very positive color that is associated with warmth and will. Light red symbolizes love, joy and passion. Dark red stands for anger, energy, power and leadership. By the way, this is my favorite color.

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Green is the color of nature and health. It is a relaxing color and possesses healing effects, it provides both mental and physical relaxation and helps to fight depression. Dark green represents monetary and banking services.

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Blue is a sincere, calming color that stands for intelligence and creativity. It evokes sense of responsibility, trust and pure emotions. Light blue represents health, softness, tranquility and healing; dark blue represents intelligence, knowledge and professionalism.

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Gray is an unemotional color. It represents neutrality and indecisiveness. It is a stable color and helps in difficult situations of life. It provides with sense of alienation and isolation.

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Black represents evil, depression and scary things. It is also associated with death in some cultures. This color is considered to absorb other colors. Black color fills you with sense of emptiness and mystery. This is also a sexy color that evokes desires.

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White is the color of virginity, pureness and peace. White color creates mental clarity, empties the mind and fills you with fresh energy. In some cultures this color is associated with death, while in others it is the start of new life.

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