United Arab Emirates: Rights or Violations?

A country of wealth and luxury is basically violating fundamental human rights. This sounds really strange to people, to me as well. But the fact remains that here people, especially women have restricted rights. Let’s examine some of them.

Firstly, what was embarrassing for me was that Emirates citizens don’t have purely elected government and they can’t form political parties to their will.

The UAE government

In the United Arab Emirates stoning and flogging are legal forms of punishment recognized and accepted at the courts there. Freedom of speech, freedom of press? What’s that? Something extraordinary in Emirates: local press evades criticizing government or royal families.

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Arab women are not allowed to marry non-muslim men, otherwise it’s punishable by law. Besides they need permission from a male member of their family for each basic step: in other words a woman belongs to her father before marriage and then belongs to her husband. Despite these restrictions the country regularly hosts international conferences on women issues. What will really blow your mind is that women face lots of difficulties in seek of justice in the case of harassment or rape. There are several cases when women were imprisoned when reported of rape. But during recent years women are allowed to educate themselves in higher institutions and some of them possess high posts.

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Public affections, like romantic kissing, are punishable by law, let alone LGBT societies. They don’t have any kind of right in there. Sharia courts even manage secret prisons, where they forcibly hold prisoners and torture them. People who disobey religion or demonstrate inclination to other religion are deported from the country.

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Unlike all these strict rules in the UAE, trafficking and prostitution are quite common here, especially in Dubai. Such businesses have even licenses for their activities.

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