China: “Have you eaten yet?”

No surprisingly, Chinese people greet each other with these words: “Have you eaten yet?” Chinese don’t just cook food, they make it taste delicious. It’s a real form of art for them. It’s not a secret that while travelling people get culture shock. In China you will get a “food shock”. China’s food is really diverse, with each region writing its own menu. The most popular among them are Cantonese, Shandong, Jiangsu, Fujian and others. Cantonese cuisine is famous for its steamed and stir-frying dishes that are much healthier and non-fat. Shandong is famous for its salty seafood, like prawns, sea cucumbers, scallops etc. Jiangsu is a perfect balance of soft and salty dishes. It used to be in the menu of royal family. Fujian cuisine puts special emphasis on seasonings, the food is made by boiling, steaming and stewing. Now we will refer to some popular dishes of China.

Those who like spicy food will be thankful to me for this article. Szechwan Chilly Chicken: try it and you will put it in the first place of your favorite spicy dishes. It’s made of brown pepper, red and green chillies, ginger and white pepper.

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Spring rolls: this crispy appetizer is filled with vegetables and fried to gold. Perfect for starters at your party or small gathering. Mostly they use cheese, bell peppers and tomatoes in it.

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Honey Chilly Potato: again spicy food-lovers are thankful. It has the wonderful balance of spicy and sweet with slices of potatoes. Delicious…

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Peri Peri Chicken Satay: this is a delicious chicken satay flavored with peri peri sauce. Boneless chicken chunks are marinated in the sea of spices one day and then grilled to become crispy.

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Water Chestnut Cake: this fascinating dessert is made of shredded Chinese water chestnut and it is usually cut into small pieces and fried. This dish is a symbol of prosperity and it’s very popular especially in Lunar New Year.

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Eight Treasure Rice: this dish is made with rice, dried fruits and lots of nuts. This colorful and tasty dish has a beautiful legend that suggests that it was made in honor of eight warriors who defeated the tyrannical king. This dish is also very popular in Lunar New Year.

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