Placebo Effect: Real or Not

A placebo effect has been very common among treatment means since very ancient times. It’s actually nothing else than your own inspiration or, in other words, your own belief that you are all right. Strange, right? This is not a “real” medical treatment, but a fake pill, shot or other types of “fake” treatment. One thing that is common for all placebos is that they don’t contain any substance meant for healing.

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Researchers have carried out abundant of studies to find out what effect these placebos have on people. Those enrolled in the research are not informed whether they are given the right treatment or just the placebo. And the results every time shocked the researchers. Both the placebos and the medical means meant for special treatment work the same way. So, what is the “placebo effect”? Usually people show response to placebo and these responses may be either negative or positive. Sometimes a person may improve their health, but in other cases there can arise side effects.

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Sometimes placebo effect works even in the cases when people are aware they are taking “fake pills”. These cases include depression, sleep disorders, pain etc. Color of a “fake pill” also matters: blue and green placebos have more tranquilizing effects, while red, yellow have more stimulant effect. So, look for some pills that are suitable to the disorder you want the pill to have effect on.

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