Little Flavor from Russia to Your Table

Perhaps, Russian food will not come to your mind immediately after you think of world famous cuisines, but I ensure you Russian food is something you ought to try at least once in your life. Tourists say that they get amazed at Russian food traditions and their delicious dishes. Let’s see what this cuisine looks like…

If you ever go to Russia, you should definitely try authentic Russian “Borscht”. This soup is not made only in Russia, but the taste that it possesses in here cannot be compared to any other place, though it’s not purely Russian. This beet soup originated in Ukraine, but it was quickly adopted in Russia. This soup is full of meat and lots of vegetables, like cabbage, beet, carrot, potatoes etc. This soup is served with a spoon full of sour cream.

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Another favorite dish in Russia is “Solyanka”. This strange soup is made of sausages, ham, bacon, beef and some vegetables, like cabbage, onions, potatoes etc.This dish is also made with fish and cucumbers.

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Let’s pass from soups to much lighter dishes, such as “Pirozhki”. These little puff pastries are stuffed with potatoes, meat, cheese or vegetables and are popular not only in Russia, but in many parts around the world.

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Another very tasty dish is Russian national “Pelmeni”. Minced meat wrapped in thin, pasta-like dough_ here are your “pelmenis”. You should just put them into a boiling water and boil them for 15, 20 minutes. This dish can be served with butter or sour-cream. One of my favorites by the way.

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Well, what about drinks? “Kvass” is a famous Russian refreshing beverage. This drink is made of rye or black bread or dough with a slight portion of alcohol.

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And finally it’s time for a dessert. I advice you to try “Pashka”, a festive dessert, commonly made around Easter. This sweetened cheese cake dessert is decorated with some Christian symbols. A mouthwatering scene…

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