Armenian National Flavors

Armenian flavors are mind-blowing, one can’t visit the warm country without trying its perfectly-made delicious food. Armenia is a very old country with a history of more than two thousand years and this long history has had its influence on the country’s delicate menu. Let’s find out what you can try when you visit this beautiful land. I will present you my own list of flavors…

For me in the first place always rates Armenian “Khash”. This mouthwatering soup will brow your mind with its taste and flavors. If you ever happen to try this soup you will not feel hunger for a whole day. This soup is made with cow’s or sheep’s feet with garlic, salt. This soup is served hot, very early in the morning with lavash. There is even a tradition connected with this soup: people gather and celebrate while the soup is boiling, usually with alcohol.

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“Khorovats” is a famous Armenian dish. No party or gathering can be held without this dish. This is barbecued meat with or without bones. The dish is unusual, as its taste largely depends on its grilling process. Each year an annual “khorovats festival” is held in Armenia.

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I’m a great lover of desserts and I would inescapably recommend trying Armenian “Gata”. This is a sweet bread made with flour, nuts, sugar as main ingredients. This is a must-have in any traditional Armenian gathering or event. In some villages people even meet their guests with this pastry as a sign of hospitality.

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Another favorite dessert of mine is “Baklava”. This wonderful dessert is made with eggs, walnut, cinnamon, honey, butter and some other ingredients. The preparation of it is a real big event in Armenian families: girls and women gather and start the preparation singing various songs. This is a real yummy dessert.

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Later on let’s see what’s “than”. “Than” is a cold yogurt-based drink flavored with salt. This drink is perfect with meat and some grilled vegetables, especially in summer. It’s popular around in Caucasus.

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Armenian “brandy” is a famous Armenian exported alcoholic drink. It has a long history of production. This drink is unique with its age and method of aging. Armenian brandy is made from selected white grapes and is aged and generally kept in oak barrels.

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