The World’s Most Picturesque Event

Carnivals organized in Rio are the biggest festivals of the world and every year attract lots of tourists to the country. Look how they celebrate the festival…

The main carnival celebrations take place at Sambodromo. Long queues of people go along the corridor surrounded by the visitors celebrating, dancing and singing. You will long remember the beats of steel drums and rhythms of samba with beautiful and naked samba dancers. The peak of the festival is on Shrove Tuesday known also as Fat Tuesday. Before the parade 14 best samba schools of Rio train dancers. Tourists should be aware of the fact that during this carnival periods there are lots of parties in the streets, and it may take long to get to the Sambodromo.

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As mentioned above there are dozens of street parties. These parties are testing you as each day meets more drinking, dancing and having fun than the last. If you want to know where are the best parties you should get the schedule from your hotel or wherever you are staying. Costumes are a must for the parties: some parties anticipate special costumes but others allow any dressing. Popular choices of costumes include cowboys, police officers, sailors etc.

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According to Greek mythology the carnivals were to worship Greek wine gods Bacchus and Dionysus. Then the festival “Entrudo” was introduced by the Portuguese and this gave birth to the festivals in Rio.

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