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“The city of future” possesses hundreds of incredible buildings that blow your mind at first sight. This city is so rich in architecture and so high in quality that you sometimes even disbelieve it. I guess you immediately got that the city mentioned above is Dubai.

Dubai started its giant progress in 1970s and it reached today’s status due to oil and trade. Dubai is truly called “the city of future” as it has such modern and magnificent buildings that no other city has. I would like to refer to some architectural wonders of Dubai.

So, let’s start with the highest building of the world- Burj Khalifa.

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Burj Khalifa

This building started its construction in 2004 and ended the exterior of it in 2009. It was officially opened in 2010. The building received many awards and the reviews for the building were mainly positive. The height of the building is about 828 meters. The building also possesses the title for having the elevator with highest travel distance of the world, the highest outdoor observation deck. The building has 140 floors and the elevator inside passes 10 meters per second reaching the title of the fastest elevator of the world.

The next fascinating building in Dubai is Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. It is a hotel on the Palm Jumeirah artificial island and stretches to 321 meters height. The building is so beautiful that tourists come to Dubai and have the visit to this building in their “must see” list. Interestingly enough, the construction of the island lasted only two years and the hotel construction three years. It is the tallest hotel of the world and the home of the largest Swarovski ceiling of the world.

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Burj Al Arab

What about Cayan Tower. It is a luxury apartment building with a helical shape turning 90 degrees over the course of its 307 meters height. It’s a beautiful twisting shape building. It should originally be called “Infinity Tower” but the name was rejected. The interesting form of the building reduces wind forces on the tower.

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Cayan Tower

The largest shopping center of the world is also in Dubai- Dubai Mall. Its total area is about 1,124,000 square meters. There is a big theme park inside the mall- Sega Republic, where you can experience all sega games. There is a waterfall inside the mall and that’s not the only special part. It’s an illusion waterfall. There are statues that are diving from the waterfall and if you glance at one, the others seem to disappear.

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Dubai Mall
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Dubai Mall Waterfall

If you ever visit Dubai, I strongly recommend you to visit the places I shared in here. Good trip!!!

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