Disease of All Times: Culture Shock

The first thing that came to your mind is probably “Why disease of all times?”. Well, let’s ponder over that: diverse cultures existed always as human beings existed and surely each nation had their way of understanding and perceiving the world. When people travel and get to know new cultures, they experienced some kind of “culture shock”. It is not surprising, as everything new arises some controversial emotions within a person. So, after a long period of time, people started to wonder how they can overcome this unusual state. So, I want you to be aware of your state when you travel and find something not met before, don’t get worried, it’s just a “culture shock”.

There is no certain treatment or remedy against “culture shock”, yet there are ways to make this process go smoother. The first stage of “culture shock” is “Honeymoon stage” , when everything seems bright and nice to you. The new place is fantastic, the new people are fantastic, the new food is fantastic… But this feeling doesn’t last long, so get ready for the next stage.

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The second stage is “Hostility, Irritability”, the first time some negative emotions come to display. You are likely to find some irritating things in the hosting culture, either because it’s different than you expected or it’s just new for you (even you may find that it’s irritating for no reason). You may want to stay in your hotel room, just to escape this feeling, but wait, that’s not a decision. Go out, walk, explore and try to make the voice inside your head silent.

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The third stage of is “Gradual Adjustment”. This is already the stage when your brain automatically tries to find ways to overcome your shock. This ways may vary depending on the country you visit. What’s interesting is that you do this subconsciously. Congrats! You are on the right way…

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You are almost done: “Adaptation”. This the stage when you find yourself in harmony with your new environment, you find yourself comfortable with the new people, new foods and so on. Sometimes it seems you skipped this stage as it goes quite smoother, but never try to force yourself to go through this stage, it doesn’t work.

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The final stage is here: “Returning home”. Many people don’t know about the existence of this stage, until they experience it. As human beings we adapt to everything new, we get from the bed when our time zone tells, we eat at local places, interact with everyone around us… In short we get adapted to our new place, environment. And then we return, everything is new again. We already adapted to the other “new”, and now our native seems to require adaptation. That’s okay, don’t get worried. This type of “adaptation” doesn’t take long. After all, try to overcome these stages as soon as possible, read about the country you are going to visit, explore their culture in distance as much as possible, watch videos… Believe me, that will help.

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